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Communication; Children demonstrate an ability to explore, enjoy and describe patterns and relationships related to quantity, number, measurement, shape and space

The children have been enjoying challenging the dexterity of their fingers with these threading beads. They have also had an opportunity to connect the coloured beads into an order of their own choice.
Many went for a repeating colour pattern- red, yellow, green- red, yellow, green etc. Some went for large blocks of colour and some just randomly threaded whichever bead they pulled out next.

 Ajay discovered that by opening and closing the cupboard doors he could produce a wonderful, swishing rattle rhythm. The strings of beads swung out, then back in and struck the cupboard firmly.

Adam and Seth each use a different method to string their beads.

While Adam works down at tabletop level, sliding each bead into place,

Seth prefers to dangle his string and allow each bead to drop down onto the previous one.

Adam's concentration is excellent as he methodically increases the length of his piece. There appear to be two patterns, one after the other.

Nice work, everyone.

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