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Akoranga Preschool's Philosophy

Akoranga Preschool - The Essence of Learning

Akoranga Preschool's Philosophy

Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tatou mahi
Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work
We believe strongly that children learn best through experiencing the world around them, guided by their natural curiosity, want for knowledge and passion for learning. Our curriculum is child led and built on learning that takes place within the family, community and the wider world. Learning is based on capturing the “teachable moments”. This promotes the continual development of the tamariki’s confidence, discovery and idea forming, connecting what is real and important in the child’s learning journey, making clear connections with our early childhood curriculum (Te Whaariki).
At Akoranga Preschool, our team has a cohesive approach where we support, encourage and respect the tamariki and each other. We have the same beliefs and aspirations for our centre and treasure each child’s uniqueness and passion to learn.
The teacher’s role is to provide an inviting, safe, fun and inspiring environment, to be there to share in discoveries, asking questions and deepen thought and to observe and document the tamariki’s journey.
Akoranga Preschool is a place where families feel a sense of peace and wellbeing, in the knowledge that their children are empowered to learn and explore at their pace, offering a place they can then call their own.
We have a genuine open door policy where whānau are encouraged to share their hopes, joys and aspirations for their tamariki. We believe this enhances children’s learning by fostering a collaborative and collective approach. This is not only through face to face interactions but also through Story Park, which is another tool to enrich the relationship with whānau.

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