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Healthy Pizza

At Akoranga Preschool we endeavour to work along side our families / whanau to help them in anyway that we can.

Encouraging healthy food choices is just one of the ways we can help our tamariki.
Each day, at morning and afternoon tea times, we remind the tamariki of the expectation of having a healthy choice first.  "Hua tuatahi, fruit first," I remind them.  Most of our tamariki know this already and are keen fruit (and vegetable) eaters, eager to keep their bodies healthy and grow bigger

Sometimes the children like to imagine other "sometimes foods" like these children

This day Sophie joined some friends at the playdough area for creative fun.  She patted and rolled out her piece of playdough, considering what she wanted to make and do with it.  We have shaped cutters, rollers and cutlery that we share in this area with others that are also making creations with the playdough.  

Sophie was watching what the other tamariki were doing, using the cutlery and pretending to eat the dough.  Next minute there was pizza being shared with all her friends.  Sophie started cutting into her 'pizza' and then passing a piece to all her friends at the table saying, "Here's some pizza".  She was greeted with 'thank you' and smiles for being so kind and generous.



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