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Senior Room - Children aged 3.5 years to 5/6 years old

The teachers for the senior room are
  • Chloe
  • Peter
  • Krystle

The Blue Sea

Today Connor and Luke were painting in the craft room. . "This is our boat. Im painting the water.
Connor you concentrated really hard on making sure you didn't mix the blue water with the red boat. When you did however, it turned purple. "Why is it the wrong color? you asked one of the teachers. She watched you look at your brush and inspect it for changes before discovering that when your blue hit the red paint, it made a new color!

This was a really exciting discovery for you.

"Its ok, it all can be the same" you said.

Painting is a great way for Tamariki to discover some new mediums for creation. Paint allows children to have complete free play, there is no right or wrong way to do this.
I'm glad you are branching out into different areas of the environment. I wonder what you will create next?



Buried Treasure


Rose had set up some sand in the craft room. It was full of glitter and gems, and lots of things to find. You took a shine to this straight away and spent alot of time discovering the wee treasures and tipping and pouring the sand from one cup to another.

You were so excited when you found a small green gem. "It's like a crystal!" you told me. "It's very pretty," you said. You collected all of your crystals and kept them in one place.

"I'm digging for buried treasure!" you told me. Connor, I love the way you use your imagination in your play and exploration.

You were solo for quite some time before some friends came to join you. "Look guys, there is so many to find. I got this many," and you showed your peers what you had found. I love the way you are always so inclusive of others, you draw other children into what you are doing and you involve everyone.

Sensory activities like this sand is fun and interesting for children. It encourages children to explore and investigate with no limit as children naturally enjoy feeling, tasting and hearing things. This enables children to explore the best way they see fit.These activities support children to use science to observe, experiment and problem solve. 

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