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Forest Excursions - 22nd May 2018

Leaves and bark were not the only items we collected from the forest. Student Flora helps Connell collect some scruffy old newspaper litter lying near to our "campsite."

 Another glorious walk in the woods. This time it was the turn of Charlie, Bailey, Connell, Casey, Kora, Kade and William to explore the trees and leaf litter at Hamilton Park.
Once again the weather was kind to us and many interesting leaves, twigs and pieces of bark were captured by the gang.

After a short snack attack of apple and banana and a biscuit, the adventurers look and listen attentively to the next part of their study. What a terrific group.

Duck Shooting at Akoranga - 7th May 2018

Duck Shooting at Akoranga Children experience an environment where:
their play is valued as meaningful learning and the importance of spontaneous play is recognised
they gain confidence in and control of their bodies
they learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning
they develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.
Duck shooting has arrived at Akoranga. Hunting is a culture that has transferred from homelife into centre life. Our MaiMai was created with the help from families that supplied foliage to use. Together tamariki worked on this  common goal. Co-operation and team work was evident as the Maimai came to life. 
Decoys were placed in our 'duck pond' to attract other ducks for us to 'shoot.'  This provided another play opportunity for tamariki. 

Swimming at Akoranga - 5th Mar 2018

One of the many activities we do each Term taking some of the older children swimming Here are some of out senior chilfren from within Akoranga doing their swimming lessons.

Birdfeeder Creations - 19th Jul 2017

Click here to check out our awesome birdfeeder creations in the local newspaper!
Also see picture for recipe!

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