Akoranga Preschool News Feed http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz Akoranga Preschool Resthome Visits for Julyhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/75/Resthome-Visits-for-July<h3>&nbsp;</h3> <p class="js-text-block">Again, our recent visits were amazing and enjoyable for both young and old. Resthaven has a beautiful Fairyland set up at the moment. The tamariki sat there for a long time looking at all of the different displays. There are some talented people that have created some amazing pieces. Some of the tamariki from Akoranga Preschool have made their own fairies to contribute to the display.</p> <p class="js-text-block">After following the cat &#39;Arthur&#39; we ventured down to the hospital area where we played with the balloons with the residents. This was a delightful experience as we witnessed all of their faces light up. Such precious moments.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Last week Chloe and I (Krystle) were off to Albany House where we did some drawing with the Grandmas and Grandads. For some, this was their first rest home visit. They were a little shy at first but they soon got chatting once we started drawing with them.</p>1531915200http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/75/Resthome-Visits-for-Julyhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1445Resthome Visits for Julyhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/75/Resthome-Visits-for-July Matariki Celebrations - Bread Makinghttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/81/Matariki-Celebrations-Bread-Making<p>A big thank you to Elaine, Austin&#39;s mum, for coming in on Tuesday to make bread with us.&nbsp; She kindly came with all the ingredients and shared her knowledge with the tamariki and kaiako of room 2.&nbsp; Making bread was part of our Matariki celebrations to be shared with room 1 tamariki at afternoon tea time.<br /> Elaine got the tamariki to help measure out the cups of flour and mix in the ingredients.&nbsp; Celia has a steady hand pouring the yeast mix into the flour.</p> <p>Next, each tamariki got a little flour on the table in front of them.&nbsp; After Elaine had mixed the dough together, she passed a piece out for each tamariki for them to help knead their own piece and then roll into a ball for raising and baking.&nbsp;<br /> Austin showed his skill at kneading with his mum.<br /> Josh, Lachie, Emma, and Celia each enjoyed this challenge before we put them into balls to rise and be baked.<br /> Layla and Javanee were waiting to help too, after washing their hands.&nbsp; Elaine had a second mixture of yeast ready for keen tamariki to make another mixture.<br /> This time Javanee and Karlee were able to join in as other friends went off to play.<br /> The balls baked up together into each other.</p> <p class="wysiwyg-text-align-center">&nbsp;</p>1531828800http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/81/Matariki-Celebrations-Bread-Makinghttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1420Matariki Celebrations - Bread Makinghttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/81/Matariki-Celebrations-Bread-Making Banana Bread Bakinghttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/80/Banana-Bread-Baking<p>We were very kindly given all the necessary mixings for gluten free banana bread by Logan, (Karlee&#39;s Mum).&nbsp; So on Tuesday we got our baking aprons on and mixed up a yummy loaf or two.</p> <p>Firstly all the helpers washed their hands and then chose an apron to put on. &nbsp;</p> We had to break two eggs into a bowl before adding water and oil.&nbsp; The tamariki helped pour in the packet mixture before they all took turns mixing it in with the big green spoon<br /> <br /> Karlee was keen to help mixing in the eggs with oil, water and then the packet mixture.&nbsp;<br /> Emma and Javanee waited patiently for Karlee to have a turn before they had a go at stirring.<br /> Jack watched as Rhyley had his turn at stirring before giving it a go too.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Then the bowl was passed on to Ayla, Sadie, Josh, William and Macie. <p>The end result was two loaves that we were able to share with all the tamariki and kaiako at afternoon tea time.&nbsp; Some of our juniors came over with Olivia to share in this marvelous baking.</p> <p><strong>Cooking provides opportunities for learning</strong></p> <ul> <li>maths and science concepts &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>language &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>being social and cooperative &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>organisational skills</li> </ul>1531396800http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/80/Banana-Bread-Bakinghttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1413Banana Bread Bakinghttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/80/Banana-Bread-Baking Knot Tying at Dolamore Parkhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/78/Knot-Tying-at-Dolamore-ParkThis was the first time we had gone to Dolamore Park. This has been by far our favourite trip because of the lovely native trees and a much nicer forest.<br /> <br /> Peter tied up some rope between trees for everyone to practise their knot tying skills<br /> After our knot tying, we thought it would be awesome to add another rope to balance on.<br /> <br /> Then&nbsp;Morning tea time.<br /> &nbsp;1530532800http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/78/Knot-Tying-at-Dolamore-Parkhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1373Knot Tying at Dolamore Parkhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/78/Knot-Tying-at-Dolamore-Park Matariki Celebrations - What does it mean?http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/82/Matariki-Celebrations-What-does-it-mean<h2>What does Matariki mean?</h2> <p>Matariki has two meanings, both of which refer to the cluster of stars. Mata Riki means Tiny Eyes, and Mata Ariki means Eyes of God.</p> <h2>When is Matariki celebrated?</h2> <p>Matariki begins to rise in the last few days of May, and this symbolises the coming of the Maori New Year. Some <em>iwi,</em>&nbsp;or tribes, start celebrations when Matariki is first seen, however it is the first new moon after Matariki that officially signals the Maori New Year. Some people celebrate the New Year on the day the new moon rises, and others celebrate on the day after the new moon. Celebrations can last up to 3 days.</p>1530360000http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/82/Matariki-Celebrations-What-does-it-meanhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1424Matariki Celebrations - What does it mean?http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/82/Matariki-Celebrations-What-does-it-mean Matariki Celebrations - Making Matariki Starshttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/77/Matariki-Celebrations-Making-Matariki-Stars<h2>Making Matariki Stars</h2> We have been sharing with the tamariki the story of Matariki, the Maori new year.&nbsp;<br /> And so some tamariki have joined me in the art area to make our own Matariki stars to hang in our preschool. <p>Emma and Josh took turns with the glue and brush before adding the glitter.&nbsp; They did start with a joint star but then wanted to make one each, so I got more black paper out.</p> <p>Sadie is helping Macie, using two colours of glitter on their star art, with Evie concentrating and trying not to get glue on her favourite cuddly (&#39;Road kill&#39;).<br /> <br /> Sophie was keen to join this activity and Braxton was happy with his art work too.<br /> Karlee and Celia were very thorough with the glue, being able to share this knowledge with Reve.&nbsp; Reve learnt from his friends that the glitter stays on the paper if he brushes glue on first. (He did try just the glitter to start with and wasn&#39;t happy that it didn&#39;t stay on). &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Rhyley and Karlee know how to shake the glitter where they want it onto the glue.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>Awesome work tamariki.</p> <h3>Tu meke</h3> <br /> &nbsp;<iframe allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/l9wNlCgzzkE" width="560"></iframe>1530100800http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/77/Matariki-Celebrations-Making-Matariki-Starshttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1348Matariki Celebrations - Making Matariki Starshttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/77/Matariki-Celebrations-Making-Matariki-Stars Tidy Kiwis in the Foresthttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/76/Tidy-Kiwis-in-the-Forest<p>Today was a lovely calm morning for our forest visit to Hamilton Park.&nbsp; A little wet underfoot getting across the grassed field to the trees, but not a worry to us hardy Southlanders.&nbsp; Peter led us to a leafy area by the track where we roped off some space to explore. &nbsp;</p> <p>Investigating our area we found interesting leaves, twigs with buds for new leaves, moss and lichen.&nbsp; We discovered that moss and lichen looked the same but felt very different, moss being soft and lichen being hard.</p> <p>Taking a rest on the tarpaulin the tamariki had a fruit break.&nbsp; Peter, very cleverly, had apple and banana ready to pass out on skewers so we didn&#39;t need to touch our fruit.&nbsp;<br /> Before leaving we discovered some plastic rubbish and being tidy kiwis we picked it up and took it away with us.&nbsp;<br /> Thank you to Taylor who was our rubbish helper.<br /> <br /> We are all looking forward to our next visit and hope to hear more birds in the trees and see how the forest changes with the seasons.</p>1529496000http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/76/Tidy-Kiwis-in-the-Foresthttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1334Tidy Kiwis in the Foresthttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/76/Tidy-Kiwis-in-the-Forest Freezing Foresthttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/74/Freezing-ForestIt maybe Winter, but that will not stop our tamariki strengthing their connections with nature and their local community.<br /> Check out these brave children outside bringing back nature so that all our tamariki can learn more about our natural envirionment.<br /> &nbsp;1528372800http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/74/Freezing-Foresthttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1231Freezing Foresthttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/74/Freezing-Forest Duck Shooting at Akorangahttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/72/Duck-Shooting-at-AkorangaChildren experience an environment where:<br /> their play is valued as meaningful learning and the importance of spontaneous play is recognised<br /> they gain confidence in and control of their bodies<br /> they learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning<br /> they develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.<br /> Duck shooting has arrived at Akoranga. Hunting is a culture that has transferred from homelife into centre life. Our MaiMai was created with the help from families that supplied foliage to use. Together tamariki worked on this &nbsp;common goal. Co-operation and team work was evident as the Maimai came to life.&nbsp;<br /> Decoys were placed in our &#39;duck pond&#39; to attract other ducks for us to &#39;shoot.&#39; &nbsp;This provided another play opportunity for tamariki.&nbsp;1525608000http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/72/Duck-Shooting-at-Akorangahttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1143Duck Shooting at Akorangahttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/news/72/Duck-Shooting-at-Akoranga