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Art at Akoranga

Children experience an environment where they develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical, and material worlds.

As a team we are constantly reflecting on the learning experiences your children are involved in. We believe that to empower your children in their learning we must understand and listen to their cues on a daily basis. Your children are the essence of our centre and we want them to have experiences where they actively take part in the running of these experiences.

Our team thrive on offering children lots of different experiences. This encourages them make discoveries as well as learning about new textures.

Luke's Chalk Art

  • Luke has been practising his drawing/ writing grip with a piece of chalk. His work is bold and confident and he enjoys getting detailed coverage of the blackboard. Luke works methodically, concentrating on the shapes he is making, only pausing to change from pink chalk to white.
  •  Which hand gives him the best results? This is a normal question for children of this age and as we can see, Luke switches between hands and in one instance grips the chalk with both, to lay down some chalk powerfully.
  • This is essentially an artwork, but the skills practised are an important part of Luke's progress towards writing.

Te Whariki - Communication - Children can discover and develop different ways to be creative and expressive.

Whiteboard Art


Toby - today you joined in when we were doing some drawing with the whiteboards and pens. 

You spent several minutes concentrating on your drawings.

At first you used your fine motor skills to draw small detailed marks all over the board ...

... then you cleared the board with the eraser and changed to a completely different style of drawing with large circular motions.

In both drawings you showed total control over your movements, making your marks deliberately and purposefully.

You were even able to name some of the colours and use these words to ask for the pen you wanted to use.

Ka pai (well done) Toby!


Drawing and painting can help you to 
- develop hand, eye, arm and body coordination
- develop finger and hand muscles
- use shape, form and colour to express yourself in ways you do not have words for yet
- experiment with colour and texture
- represent ideas
- show moods and feelings
- begin to develop writing skills.


I wonder what kind of art you will experiment with next?

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