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The concept of a tuakana–teina relationship   
The tuakanateina relationship, an integral part of traditional Māori society, provides a model for buddy systems. An older or more expert tuakana helps and guides a younger or less expert teina . In a learning environment that recognises the value of ako, the tuakana–teina roles may be reversed at any time. For example, the student who yesterday was the expert on te wā and explained the lunar calendar may need to learn from her classmate today about how manaakitanga (hospitality) is practised by the local hapū (family)

Hadley, you love the parachute and you were so excited when Alison got it out this morning. To begin with you were helping the teachers to wave the parachute up and down while the tamariki (children) ran underneath. You noticed that one of our younger tamariki was a little unsure of what was going on. You decided that you were going to help her join in, Harper was observing you and Michael lying on the floor when the parachute was going up and down. You stood up and offered to hold her hands.

Once Harper took your hands you started jumping up and down excitedly under the parachute, showing her how you were having fun.

Hadley, you are discovering a range of strategies and skills to work with and alongside others. You have taken a real tuakana-teina approach to this Hadley. as the older and more knowledgeable you took responsibility for helping Harper, the younger less experienced.

Hadley, you seem to really like helping your younger friends join you when you are having fun. I will continue to support and encourage you as you do the same for your friends.

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