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Literacy at Akoranga

Books and storytelling - Pūrākau pānui pukapuka

Books and storytelling give children the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to use complex symbol systems that make up our society.

This includes the written word, visual images and oral communications. Reading, writing, listening, and talking form the basis of children's literacy learning. Children need lots of language together with a wide variety of experiences.

Sharing books and reading is a vital activity for children's development. Children who experience and enjoy reading books with others develop a positive attitude towards books.

Books and story telling help children to:

  • learn pre-reading skills such as how to hold a book and to read from left to right
  • learn new words and meanings
  • develop imagination
  • develop their interests
  • understand different social situations
  • understand that print carries the meaning of the story
  • share experiences with other children and adults.

Click here to have Karlee read Peppa Pig to you
Click here to have Jax read Never Smile at a Crocodile to you

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