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Matariki Celebrations - Making Matariki Stars - 28th Jun 2018

Making Matariki Stars

We have been sharing with the tamariki the story of Matariki, the Maori new year. 
And so some tamariki have joined me in the art area to make our own Matariki stars to hang in our preschool.

Emma and Josh took turns with the glue and brush before adding the glitter.  They did start with a joint star but then wanted to make one each, so I got more black paper out.

Sadie is helping Macie, using two colours of glitter on their star art, with Evie concentrating and trying not to get glue on her favourite cuddly ('Road kill').

Sophie was keen to join this activity and Braxton was happy with his art work too.
Karlee and Celia were very thorough with the glue, being able to share this knowledge with Reve.  Reve learnt from his friends that the glitter stays on the paper if he brushes glue on first. (He did try just the glitter to start with and wasn't happy that it didn't stay on).  

Rhyley and Karlee know how to shake the glitter where they want it onto the glue.

Awesome work tamariki.

Tu meke


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