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Matariki Celebrations - Bread Making - 18th Jul 2018

A big thank you to Elaine, Austin's mum, for coming in on Tuesday to make bread with us.  She kindly came with all the ingredients and shared her knowledge with the tamariki and kaiako of room 2.  Making bread was part of our Matariki celebrations to be shared with room 1 tamariki at afternoon tea time.
Elaine got the tamariki to help measure out the cups of flour and mix in the ingredients.  Celia has a steady hand pouring the yeast mix into the flour.

Next, each tamariki got a little flour on the table in front of them.  After Elaine had mixed the dough together, she passed a piece out for each tamariki for them to help knead their own piece and then roll into a ball for raising and baking. 
Austin showed his skill at kneading with his mum.
Josh, Lachie, Emma, and Celia each enjoyed this challenge before we put them into balls to rise and be baked.
Layla and Javanee were waiting to help too, after washing their hands.  Elaine had a second mixture of yeast ready for keen tamariki to make another mixture.
This time Javanee and Karlee were able to join in as other friends went off to play.
The balls baked up together into each other.


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