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Making Sushi - 5th Aug 2018

On Friday afternoon I made some simple sushi with some of our tamariki. 
I put a little rice vinegar in the rice after cooking it.  Each tamariki, that wanted to make some, got half a sheet of nori (sea weed) on their mat.  I showed them how to wet their fingers and spread the rice onto the nori. 
Then we added peeled carrot, cucumber and shaved ham across the middle, making sure to leave a gap at the top or bottom for rolling.  They helped wet the gap with some water and rolled their sushi up. 
The sushi was named on a paper towel and kept in the fridge until we could enjoy it at afternoon kai time.

Braylen and Ava were my first two sushi chefs, as Celia and Macie waited for their turn.  We could only make two at a time as I only have two mats.

Layton was keen to give this sushi making a try.  

At afternoon kai time, those that made sushi got their piece to eat or take home.  We shared some extra pieces, that I had made, with the other tamariki and kaiako. 

Luke, Kade and Casey tried some of the extra sushi with mixed opinions.  I hope that Braxton enjoyed his piece that he made and took home before afternoon kai time.


Thank you to the keen sushi makers and testers.  Well done to those that tried something new and different.

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