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Knot Tying at Dolamore Park - Session 2 - 25th Jul 2018

At Dolamore Park a long rope suspended between two strong beech tree trunks makes an excellent setup for knot tying practice. Connor and Manaia develop simple, original methods to attach their smaller ropes onto the big one.William and Braxton both employ a 'bigger is better' philosophy, twisting and weaving their rope around itself and the big rope so it can't possibly come undone.

The knots of Lincoln and Kade aren't quite as big, but they have been pulled tight with real strength. That looks like a reliable method boys.

 Following their knot tying session the group went and cautiously looked at (and listened to) the nearby stream, then returned to try some rope walking. They placed their feet on the bottom rope, held onto a second rope above and wobbled along as far as they could go. Fun and funny.

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