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Silverbeet Feast

Max and Connell sat at the outdoor picnic table with blocks full of silverbeet this morning, enjoying their feast of greens. 
They had picked leaves from our garden and sought out somewhere to sit and eat (I encouraged sitting down to eat).  Max told me, "My muscles get even more stronger".

Lincoln joined this fun looking feast to try the raw silverbeet fresh from our garden.  (I don't think he liked it, but I am impressed that he tried something new)

Connor was watching what the other boys were doing, so found another block to fill with silverbeet for himself.  He took it up to the top of the climbing blocks to eat.

Lincoln and Ajay found a double block for their silverbeet.  Not that keen on eating it though, they were 'cooking' it, with Lincoln shaking the block back and forward, similar to a frying pan.

Max joined Connor up on the high climbing box to continue eating their feasts of silverbeet. Lincoln joined in the eating of the silverbeet. Maybe he did like it afterall.

Max started quite an interest with his friends. I only hope they left room for their lunches.


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