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Chloe Little - Full time Teacher

Chloe Little - Full time Teacher

I believe tamariki are to be given opportunity to be the best learners they can in their way and time. It is important that bonds with whaanau, teachers sand children are up held and mutual respect, integrity and honesty are elements within this relationship.  When children are listened to and valued they become confident learners.  Providing a safe, trusting and loving space is something I strive for. Te Whariki (curriculum) is of the up most importance to provide a cultural and diverse space for children to develop and the back bone of our practice.  All children should have the opportunity to learn and strengthen in a calm, nurturing environment.  As an educator it is my job to provide children with tailored opportunities to suit their different learning needs and styles.  Children's learning is at the centre of what I do, I ensure that education is fun, inviting and relatable. As a united network with whaanau, we can provide the best experiences for children, help them gain confidence to develop and flourish as the amazing humans they are.

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