Akoranga Preschool Event Feed http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz Akoranga Preschool The Going Bananas Showhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=16<p>The Going Bananas Show is a stage show that comes to a town near you every year. &nbsp;This is a series of shows based around two lead characters. Follow them each year as they face new adventures in wonderful far away places. The Going Bananas Show strives to bring back the magic of live&nbsp;theatre&nbsp;to regional towns and cities.&nbsp;</p> <p>Watch the magic in the eyes of the audience light up as they experience something that only a live stage show can bring. We work with hundreds of special needs organisations, that in turn deal with a wide range of children, to select the families that will get the opportunity to attend the show. Generally the children have learning, social, physical, medical or mental ailments.&nbsp;</p> <h3><br /> <strong>Southland Show&nbsp;</strong></h3> <p><strong>Wednesday 22nd August 2018 - 6pm<br /> Souhland Boys High, Invercargill</strong><br /> <br /> For more information please follow this link: <a href="http://www.thegoingbananasshow.co.nz/Home.aspx">http://www.thegoingbananasshow.co.nz</a></p>0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=16http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1388The Going Bananas Showhttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=16 The Big Latch on 2018http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=17<h2>Support world breast feeding week 1st till 7th August</h2> <strong>Come along to Gore Parents Centre on:</strong> <p><strong>Friday 3rd August to join us for the Big Latch On.<br /> Registrations from 10am for the Latch On at 10.30am. </strong></p> <br /> There will be a wee goodie bag for everyone who registers on the day, and some spot prizes. Would love to see you there to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=17http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1532The Big Latch on 2018http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=17 Daffodil Day 2018http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=18On the 31st of August Bailey&#39;s Gore are fundraising for the Cancer society by putting on a Daffodil Day Fundraising concert.<br /> <br /> <strong>When</strong>: Friday 31st August 2018<br /> <strong>Where</strong>: Gore RSA - 12 Bowler Ave,Gore<br /> <strong>Free</strong><br /> <br /> Buffet meals available from $30<br /> <br /> Entertainment starting at 7pm0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=18http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1573Daffodil Day 2018http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=18 Dr Seuss's - The Cat in the Hathttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=19<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td><br /> Friday, October 12&nbsp;at&nbsp;10:30 AM&nbsp;-&nbsp;2 PM</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td><br /> 88 Tay Street, Invercargill, New Zealand 9810</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Tickets &middot; $20 - $30<br /> <br /> **TICKETS NOW ON SALE!***<br /> <a href="https://www.ticketdirect.co.nz/search/events?searchText=cat%20in%20the%20hat&amp;orderBy=Venue&amp;orderDirection=Ascending">www.ticketdirect.co.nz</a><br /> <br /> Two shows: 10.30am-11.30am &amp; 1.00pm-2.00pm<br /> <br /> ***PLEASE SELECT YOUR PREFERRED SHOW TIME CAREFULLY AS REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ARE NOT POSSIBLE***<br /> <br /> Two bored kids. One rainy day. And one crazy cat wearing a red-striped hat.<br /> <br /> In 1957, Theodor Seuss Geisel used this formula and only 200 words to write his second children&#39;s book as Dr. Seuss. More than 50 years later, The Cat in the Hat is a much-loved children&#39;s literature classic and now a zany, imaginative play coming to Invercargill on October 12. The play was adapted for the stage in 2009 by the National Theatre of Britain.<br /> <br /> The Cat in The Hat interrupts this rainy afternoon with his unexpected visit to Sally and her brother&#39;s cosy home. Their outspoken and outraged pet Fish is astounded and concerned, but this cat will not be deterred. He will teach us all to make our own fun with nothing but a little imagination. &quot;It&#39;s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.&quot; Along with Thing One and Thing Two, the cat will fill the theatre with mischievous humour and madcap style.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Young and old alike will delight in this faithful adaptation of a classic book come to life before our very eyes.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Spoiler alert: Things run amuck, and quickly.<br /> <br /> EVENT INFORMATION:<br /> <br /> For all inquiries contact the ICC Booking Office, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill, Phone (03) 211 1692.<br /> <br /> An allocated seating event at the Civic Theatre, 88 Tay Street, Invercargill.<br /> <br /> Family Package applies to a family of four people.<br /> <br /> A discounted ticket price applies to groups of 10 children and a caregiver. Buy 10 child tickets and get 1 free caregiver ticket. This package cannot be purchased online, so please contact or visit the ICC Booking Office.<br /> <br /> Free entry for infants aged 18 months and under if sitting on parent&#39;s or caregiver&#39;s knee only.<br /> <br /> SEATING:<br /> Front Stalls (all seats)<br /> Back Stalls (all seats)<br /> Additional areas of the auditorium may be opened for sale, dependent on demand.<br /> <br /> To collect internet or phone booked pickup tickets in advance of the performance please visit the ICC Booking Office after 2pm the day following purchase (on business working days). All tickets booked for pickup on the day of an event must be collected from the venue in the hour before the event commences.<br /> <br /> Wheelchair information: Contact the ICC Booking Office if you require these.<br /> <br /> Door sales based on availability in the 30 minutes prior to the show start time.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Show running time: 1 hour.<br /> <br /> Please note that there is no intermission for this event.<br /> <br /> Refreshments and snacks will be available for purchase from the candy bar prior to the performance starting.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The promoter may enforce a lock-out period, so please ensure you arrive to be seated well before the show start time.<br /> <br /> The use of cameras/videos etc. is not permitted and devices must be switched off prior to entering the auditorium.<br /> <br /> For ticket prices and click on the TicketDirect link provided. Prices shown do not include service fees, method of delivery fees or credit card charges0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=19http://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz1574Dr Seuss's - The Cat in the Hathttp://www.akorangapreschool.co.nz/event.php?eid=19