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Having a Go - Working out the art of Weaving

  • Children will develop and see themselves as competent, confident learners, with confidence in using a variety of strategies for exploring, problem solving, experimenting, and playing around with ideas.
  • Children experience an environment where they develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical, and material worlds. 

This morning Paul there was something different in the environment, something that you hadn't had a turn at yet. I really love watching you in this environment, watching you make little discoveries about how you will learn and what you will learn. Your journey has lead you through many challenges and when it came to weaving I was left wondering how you would approach this and had you seen other children do this earlier in the morning.

Paul, you are not one for standing back, but this morning you did that for a wee bit looking at the frame and what would happen when you started to add the flax.  "Paul are you going to weave some flax in the holes" I ask you. "Yip" has been your go to answer for things when asked.

My goodness Paul, you worked through the theories of trailing this process, the placement of the flax was important to you at first and I think you had a plan as when it did go in the wrong hole you removed it and replaced it. 

Paul, I really admire your determination at tasks so watching you at this was a real delight.  The look on your face when you managed to get the flax to stay in the holes was a delight to observe.  Paul in true Paul style you also celebrated the success of your peers as each one of them managed to help you build the flax around the weaving tunnel.  I am planning on more of these types of activities where you have to think and plan how this will look, thinking about the end result and how will you manage to get there.

Children develop: the ability to inquire, research, explore, generate, and modify their own working theories.

The sustained focus and problem solving without adult interference was a real delight to watch you in Paul.  

You worked on the theory of

"How do I"............  achieve the set task


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