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We are going nude!!!

Sustainability - We are going nude.  Now that has your attention.  As some of you will remember we received an award for our approach to sustainability when setting Akoranga Preschool up.  I would like to continue down this path.  I have introduced a lot of natural materials in the centre and now I want to start in the kitchen.  So what's going you ask.  glad wrap. As of the 1st of April we will no longer allow glad wrap in lunch boxes.  This is our part in keeping our environment healthy.  The children have been learning about healthy eating, healthy exercise and healthy hearts, this is our approach to the environment.  There are many different options for you to use instead of glad wrap.  The Warehouse and the supermarkets have plenty of containers that fit sandwiches, biscuits etc. anything that you normally glad wrap.  Have a look around.  They are not expensive.  You can also use paper towels if you so choose but NO glad wrap. 
We started a glad wrap ball and we kept this going until the 1st of April.  Glad wrap doesn't break down and when you burn it, it adds more toxins to our environment.

Check out the photos of the glad wrap ball beside an average sized apple - look at the difference in sizes!!

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