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Sugar in Drinks Compared / Fat in Takeaways

Sugar in our DrinksHere is a list of some common drinks. This table shows you exactly how much sugar is on each one.
Sugary drinks provide very few essential nutrients and can contribute to tooth decay and weight.
  • Sports drinks are not recommended unless you are doing 90 minutes of exercise.
  • Young people need to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day. The hotter the weather or the more exercise they do, the more water they need to drink.

Teaspoons of sugar Per 250mls Per bottle Caffeine
Plain water in bottle 0 0 No
Mizone Sports Water 1.5 4.5 No
Powerade 4.0 12 No
Fresh Up 6.5 10.5 No
Sprite 6.5 15.5 No
Coca-cola 6.5 15.5 Yes
V Energy Drink 7.0 10 Yes
Coffee Chocolate Milk 4 8.5 Yes
Lipton Iced Tea 1.5 17.5 No
G Force Apple Blackcurrent 5.4 No

Here something else for you to think about:

Did you know that a meat pie has 7 teaspoons of fat and 2 slices of pizza has 4 teaspoons of fat.
Eating takeaways or fried food at home to often puts you at risk of eating too much sugar, salt and saturated fat - which is not good for the heart. It also stops you from not getting enough fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Eating healthy is the way to be, but treat yourself also just in moderation.
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