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Jett Photography Interest continues


Recently Jett's interest in photography was documented and this interest has continued. Jett is practicing the skill of holding the iPad to a photograph. This can be very tricky but together Jett and I, Rose, worked out that if Jett placed the iPad on the ground while holding it, taking a photograph is a little bit easier. 

Here are some images that Jett captured. Josh was a willing model for Jett.


Going Fishing

A small group of Middle Room tamariki were ready to go fishing. This was a hands-on activity that allowed tamariki to practice their hand eye co-ordination as they collected various amounts of insects immersed in water. 

Josh, Jett, Ava, and Austin were amount the tamariki that firstly waited for a turn and then tested their ability.  Estimation and number work were amongst mathematical concepts


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