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Maui Fishing

This week's legend story board was about how Maui fished up Aotearoa\New Zealand. 

During our group time after lunch, Rose had laid out a blue cloth as the sea and we used our baby bath tubs for the canoe.  The tamariki embraced this activity with interest as they could all take a part in the story. 

Jett was Maui, hiding in the canoe from his brothers played by Ava, Mikayla, William and Leon
As the brothers went fishing far out to sea, with Maui hidden, the seas became rough.  The rest of the middle room tamariki vigorously made waves in the sea.

Maui fished up an extra large fish, which is now known at Aotearoa/New Zealand. 
The brothers tried to cut up the fish, making the mountains and valleys in our country.  

The tamariki enjoyed the fishing and being able to participate in this fun activity.

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