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Daffodil Day 2014 - 29th Aug 2014

Daffodil Day 29th August 2014

Daffodil Day 29th August 2014

Daffodil Day is the Cancer Society's annual flagship event and one of the most important fundraising and awareness campaigns in the country. As well as providing an opportunity to raise awareness of cancer in New Zealand, Daffodil Day is a major funding source for the Cancer Society. We are proud to be regarded as one of the country's most trusted charities and this is reflected in our fundraising practices.

The daffodil is one of the first flowers of spring, whose bright yellow blooms remind us of the joys the new season will bring. It represents the hope there is for the 1 in 3 New Zealanders affected by cancer.

The donations we receive go towards vital scientific research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer, as well as providing a wide range of support services, information, health promotion and education programmes to reduce cancer risk, awareness campaigns and programmes for people affected by cancer.

ANZ is the proud principal sponsor of the event, and the hard work of its employees helps focus the nation's attention on our cause every year.  

Akoranga Preschool is proud to support Daffodil Day 29th August 2014

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