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Process Cooking with our tamariki

Process cooking didn't involve any 'cooking' this time round, but it did require some careful finger work and lots of imagination.

This creepy crawly creature of Ajay's appears to be related to the insect family. He seems to have the right number of legs, anyway.

  Connell's Grape- Manderapple animal, with just one eye on a stalk might be visiting from another planet.
  Archie and Kora have both opted for sticking up grape eyes and sticking down carrot legs. Good choice.

I'm surprised Casey and Manaia haven't both eaten their creatures already. They really look delicious... (Maybe later, eh?)

Be careful of all those spiky bits when you take a bite, Kade and Connell.

Great edible beasts everyone, made from healthy choice foods. (Apart from the sticks obviously.)

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