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Community Excursions with the Junior Room

On Friday, some of the children and Teachers from Room 1 (Junior Room) at Akoranga Preschool went for a walk into the community to visit the birds at the Gore Gardens.

With Olivia and Alison along with Lennox, Michael, Lachie and Ryan in one pram; and Cayson, Caden, Jack and Braylen in the other; Jo waved "Ka kite ano (see you soon)" and we headed off on our adventure.

As we walked along there was a lot of pointing and talking as the children shared with their hoa (friends) and kaiako (teachers) what they could see as we passed by houses and gardens.  The colours, numbers and letters on the mailboxes were of particular interest.

We received and returned lots of smiles, waves and greetings from members of our community that were walking and driving past.  The tamariki told anyone close enough to hear that we were going to see the birds.

Michael - it was particularly special for you when Nanny Josie and Nanny Kaye saw us passing by and came out to say "Kia ora (hello)".

When it was time to cross a road, we talked about how to keep safe and everyone looked and listened to make sure there were no cars coming.Finally we arrived at the gardens, and the first birds we saw were the peacock, peahen and their chicks.

Then we moved around the cages stopping to see a colourful selection of manu (birds) including quail, cockatiels, finches and budgies.

One cockatiel even came right over to see what all the excitement was about!
Click here to see how much fun our Tamariki had!

What a successful outing and a fun way to strengthen the links between the children of Akoranga Preschool and the people, places and things in their local community.

"The wider world of family and community is an integral part of early childhood curriculum.

Me whiri mai te whānau, te hapū, te iwi, me tauiwi, me ō rātou wāhi nohonga, ki roto i te whāriki, hei āwhina, hei tautoko i te akoranga, i te whakatipuranga o te mokopuna. "


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