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The Autumn Leaves are falling

Autumn is such a magical season. So, any changes and differences happening around us all the time every day through this season. The children have been exploring a wee bit about this season especially through the different colours and textures of the leaves. Of course, the other fun that can be had with the Autumn leaves is tossing them in the air, tossing them at friends and running through them scattering them all over the deck again.

The laughter and pure delight in the children's voices was such a cool thing to observe. Nature really has so much to offer our children as they work on fitting into our world.

These pictures share the excitement and delight the children had playing in the leaves with.

Moments like these where older children embrace and support the learning of younger children really excite and delight teachers, moments where there is absolutely no adult interference at all. 
What such beautiful moments.

Click here to see a beautiful video of our tamariki playing in the Autumn Leaves


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